Adjustable thermostats | VC-K series

Thermostats of this family are 3 pole or 2 pole adjusting thermostats or limiters, with automatic reset. They open or close the electric circuits depending on temperature.

The following table summarizes the most significant features:

Technical information

ADJUSTING OR LIMITER (Fixed temperature)
Electrical Scheme (NC) TPST or DPST
Temperature Range 60°C (140°F) up to 400ºC (752ºF)

Length: 2mm up to 40mm

Limiter option hasn´t got spindle

Possibility of different spindle positions

Fixation 2 M4 holes
Capillary length 350mm up to 2000mm
Capillary Protection PVC / PTFE
Phial Diameter 3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm
Phial Length 40mm up to 215mm
Phial Material Stainless Steel
Electrical Connections Faston 6,3×0,8  or Screws
Terminals Position 30°/90°/180°
Maximum Temperature of the Body 125°C (257°F)
Rating 32A/250V~ 50.000; 28A/250V~ 100.000