1. Company data

In compliance with article 10 of the law 34/2002, dated 11th July, from the Information and Electronic Commerce Society Services, herewith are exposed the company’s identity data.

Corporate name: Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A.

Nif / Cif: A-48113823

Address: Sabino Arana, 62 Bis – 48640 Berango (Vizcaya) – España

Website : https://tecasa.com/

Telephone: +34 946682125


  1. Intelectual property

The source code, graphic designs, images, photographs, noises, animations, software, texts, as well as the information and contents that are gathered in the present webpage are protected by Spanish law on  Intellectual property and Industrial rights in favour of Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA. Due to this it is not permitted to reproduce and/or publicise, totally or partially, from the website, nor its partial electronic treatment, transformation or decompiling, or any other rights legally recognised to its owner, without the prior consent by writing from Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA

The user can, only and exclusively, use the material that appears in this website for its personal and private use, being totally prohibited its use for commercial purposes or for illegal activities. All the rights derived from the intellectual property are strictly reserved by Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA.

Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA will assure the fulfilment of the conditions previously mentioned as well as watching over the right use of the contents presented in the webpage, carrying out all the criminal and civil rights that may correspond in the case of infringement or breach by the user of these rights.


  1. Personal Data Protection

In the framework of compliance of the current legislation, gathered in the Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13, referring to Personal Data protection (LOPD) and the UE 2016/679 European Parliament and Council Regulation, object of which is to protect and guarantee,  with reference to  personal data treatment, the fundamental freedom and rights of legal persons and especially relating to their honour and intimacy, Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA informs its users that Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA has adopted the technical and organizational measures in accordance to that disposed in the current norms.

The personal data that Tecnica de Calentamiento SA gathers are objet to automatic treatment and are incorporated duly registered in the Data Protection Agency, which ownership belongs to Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA. The personal data obtained in the domain register form is transferred to the National or International competent registration authority or organism. This transfer has the sole and exclusive role to comply with measures directly related with legitimate functions of the transferor (the company) through a contract, that is to say, the register of the domain name. The automatic collection and treatment of the Personal Data has as final goal the maintenance of the contractual relationship which is established with Tecnicas de Calentamiento, SA as well as carrying out information, formation, commercialization tasks and other tasks related to the company.

Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA has adopted the adequate security levels of the data given, as well as all the measures and technical means at its reach have been installed to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorized access and robbery of the data supplied. The user can, at any time, carry forward the rights recognised in the LOPD, referring to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition.


  1. Norms on Portal use

The use of the web and services must be done in a legal way and in an acceptable conduct. The user is committed to make adequate use of the platform, contents and services, not using them to incur in illegal activities or against good faith or public order; nor spreading racist, xenophobic or illegal pornographic contents or propaganda, nor any attentive against human right or terrorism apology; nor cause damage in the suppliers or third party’s physical or logical systems; nor attempt to access other users accounts or personal services; carry out spamming or sending non-authorized messages; or carry out any other use that in any form could damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the portal or its services, nor preventing the normal use by the users.

Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A reserves the right to retire any comments or inputs that do not follow these norms or may violate the respect of a person’s dignity, that may be discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that attacks any current law, order or public security or that, at its criteria do not result to be adequate for publishing.

In any case, Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA will not be responsible of the opinions put forward by the users through forums, chats o any other participation tools.


  1. Products and services offered

TECASA is a company specialized in the sale and production of capillary electric thermostats. Through its web site https://tecasa.com you can purchase a wide range of these thermostats, along with finding the technical data and certificates of the products being sold.

The acquisition of the services or products carried out through the webpage will be expressly subject to the particular purchase conditions of the mentioned services or products, established for its effect, without harming that disposed in the present General Conditions.

The use of some services may require the fulfilment of additional formats which conditions and privacy will be expressly exposed.

The access to the resources may require the creation of an account in the web’s data base. The use of this account would give the access to diverse platforms linked to different owners to this webpage where the conditions of use should be followed.


  1. Prices

The prices of the products in euros will be those that appear expressly in the moment of purchase in the website in each case, plus the corresponding 21% tax, indicating the total price including tax before finalising the purchase. The website reserves the right to modify, the particular conditions relating to the payment conditions and reach of the services of products.

The delivery, distribution and/or administration expenses are included in the price and will be shown before finalizing the purchase and depending on the delivery address of each order. The deliveries to Baleares, Canary Islands or outside Spain can have a supplement included which will be indicated before finalizing the purchase. This supplement will not be susceptible to promotions or discounts.

When offers or discounts exist, the original price and discount applied will be clearly determined.

No additional costs will be applied during the purchase, except in the case that the buyer may select some voluntarily, adding additional conditions to the purchase.

In any case, the final purchase price will be shown to the user before finalizing and accepting the order.


  1. Payment terms

Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A.is responsable of the transactions carried out in the website.

Tecnicas de Calentamiento, S.A., accepts Mastercard and Visa debit cards through the secure payment channels Redsys.

The total value of your purchase, including the delivery costs and tax, will be charged on your card the moment the purchase process finalises. Later an acceptance confirmation of the order will be sent. If you cancel the order before the product has been sent, we will proceed with the corresponding credit of the same.

Your credit card payment will be done through Redsys.  The integrated server has been developed under standards and specifications of renown brands  (Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, J-Secure…) and owned by Redsys (Finanet Protocol), which assures its liability.


  1. Orders

To carry out an order it is necessary you connect to https://tecasa.com/. You can also register yourself as a user, filling out the electronic form that at each moment appears in the store and simply following the instructions indicated. To carry out an order it is necessary to previously select the products that you wish to purchase, and later it will be necessary to follow the steps indicated and complete the electronic forms which in each moment appear in the store.

The validation of the order by the customer means the express acknowledge and acceptance of these general conditions as part of the contract. Unless otherwise proven, the data registered by https://tecasa.com constitute the proof of all the transactions carried out between https://tecasa.com / and its customers. The website will file the electronic document in which the contract is formalised, this being accessible. If you are not in agreement with the data consigned in the mentioned confirmation you can request the modification of the same or the cancellation of the contract.

The selection of products offered in  https://tecasa.com/ is valid while the products are visible in the web page, with the limits of stock available. If the material is in stock, the approximate lead time is one week. If no stock is available, we carry out an order to suppliers or we will commence the production of the product informing of the available date for the same. These dates compute on working days – from Monday to Friday – because the site https://tecasa.com does not deliver on holidays, Saturdays, nor Sundays. The delivery dates given are approximate. In case that any rupture or unavailability of stock may exist, https://tecasa.com will contact you to immediately inform you giving you a new delivery date or, if the delivery of the mentioned product is not possible, proceed with its cancelation. In any case a delay in the delivery, in reference with the dates previously given for the same, does not give the customer the right to any kind of claim in this respect.

All the orders are conditioned to the prior acceptance of Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. , who will communicate the order acceptance as soon as reasonably possible, may it be through electronic means or any other mean available. The customer must specify in their orders a delivery address an contact telephone (for the messenger or transport company)

  • Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. reserves the right to cancel any accepted order that may suffer from any material error in relationship with the order, price or whatever other condition published in the site https://tecasa.com/, that are related with the customer’s order, or which after a later verifications of the customer’s credit may be advised to do so. In case of credit card payments, if the order has already been charged on the mentioned card and is later cancelled. Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. will immediately credit the charge in the account used, (always and only in the case that the material has not left the warehouse)
  • Circumstances may arise in which the owner may not be able to fulfil the delivery date given. So all the delivery dates given for the products are approximate and Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. cannot guarantee that the supply be done in the time frame previously agreed on, except in the case that the mentioned dates have been confirmed as being explicitly binding. (In any case the delivery will not be more than 30 natural days from the date the purchase was carried out)
  • Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. will do what is reasonably in its reach to comply with the delivery date. The orders will be delivered in accordance with the indicated in the time frame indicated in the purchase conditions.
  • The products are sent to the delivery address the user has indicated in the order. Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. will not be responsible of the expenses derived from errors in the delivery address indicated along with any costs associated with this error. In case of carrying out an order for several articles with different availability, the time frame for its delivery will have in account the longest delivery date foreseen. In exceptional cases, Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. reserves the right to break down the order, delivering the available articles and leaving that outstanding for a second delivery. In this assumption, the second delivery will be done at no additional cost at all.
  • The minimum age to carry out an order is 16 years.


  1. Return, change and cancellation Policy

If you are not satisfied, you can return the orders carried out in http://tecasa.om/ , previously contacting the After Sales Service on telephone +34 946682125.

The time frame to be able to execute your right to a return is (14) natural days, from the date of the reception.

To carry out the return, the article and its accessories if any should be in good conditions, as well as in its original packing.

The means and cost of the return will be selected and assumed by the Customer.

Once the material is received in our store and prior to a verification of the condition of the same, a credit will be issued of the amount charged.

Also, the expenses deriving from the return will be covered by the customer.

The credit as a consequence of the return will be equal to the amount paid for the product returned along with its delivery charge. The credit will be done as quickly as possible from the date of the receipt and revision of the product returned (never more than 14 days)

The credit will be done using the same means as that used for the payment of the order, in these cases the interbank terms could delay in a few days the credit to be made in the users account.

We will notify by electronic mail the return of the amount to be credited associated to returns or erroneous deliveries, being Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. who will cover the return expenses with its voucher.

In any case, the return of defective goods and erroneous deliveries will be admitted, being Tecnicas de Calentamiento S.A. who will be in charge of the return expenses but only if the customer has advised of this situation (14) days counted from the date of reception.

In reference to the period for exchanges, all the purchased products can be exchanged in a time period of (14) days counted from the date of reception.

Exchange conditions: the customer can ask for an exchange of any product if and when the product being exchanged is in the same condition in which it was received and reserves its original packing and labelling.

You should notify of the exchange sending an email to tecasa@tecasa.com.

To carry out the exchange you should send the product through the service selected by the customer.

Once the product is received in our warehouse, in 24 hours the new product will be sent to the indicated address. The customer will bear all the return and delivery expenses.

In case of stockout or unavailability of the any product may occur, Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA will immediately get in touch with the customer, and a new delivery date will be given. If it is not possible to send the product required or if the customer cannot accept the new delivery date given, we will proceed to the total or partial cancellation of the order, and refund of the amount previously paid.  In any case, a delay in the delivery dates with respect to those indicated, will not give the customer the right to claim any compensation whatsoever.

Lastly, Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA guarantees the customer the possibility to cancel his/her order, provided the product has not left the warehouse. For its cancellation he/she should also contact the After Sales Service phoning + 34 946682125.

The refund will be carried out, if possible, through the same means as that used during the purchase. Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA will not carry out any refund or redeliver any material until the product returned has not been received and fully revised along with its packing in our warehouse. The amount of refund to be made is the amount originally indicated in the order, excepting the transport costs, and will only be done so if Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA is responsible of the return of the product.  Once the correct state of the product returned is verified, Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA will proceed with the refund of the amount in a maximum time frame of 30 working days.


  1. Miscellany

A.-Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. can modify, without prior advice, the information contained in the website, along with its configuration and presentation.


B.-Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. is committed through this mean to not carry out any FALSE ADVERTISING. To this effect, formal or numeric errors that may be found in the contents of the different sections of the Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA web, produced through maintenance and/or incomplete of defective updates, will not be considered to be false advertising. Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA as a consequence of that exposed in this point, is committed to correct any error as soon as possible, the moment it is aware of the same.

C.- Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. is committed to NOT SEND COMMERCIAL NOTICES WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SO, in accordance with that exposed in Law 34/2002 from Information and Electronic Commerce Society Services. To this effect it will not be considered as commercial communication all the information that is sent to ALL Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA’s CUSTOMERS, provided that its purpose be the maintenance of the existing contractual relationship between the customer and Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA., as well as the execution of information tasks, formation and other activities pertaining to the service that the customer has contracted with the company.

D.- Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. will not be responsible of the non-fulfilment of any applicable norm in which the user could incur in his/her access of the present website and or in the use of the information contained it is.

E.- Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. will not be responsible of any damage or harm produced, of whatever nature it may be, which derive from the use of the information, of the subjects contained in this website and the programmes it incorporates. The Links and hipertexts that enable, through the website to the current website, the user to access the benefits and services offered by third parties, do not belong to or are under Tecnicas de Calentamiento SA’s control; the mentioned entity is not responsible of the information contained in the same nor of any effect that may derive from the mentioned information.

F.- Técnicas de Calentamiento, S.A. will not be responsible of the illegal use that third partied could make of the markings, product names, commercial brands that, not being the property of the mentioned entity, may appear in the current website. It will also not be responsible of the integrity, truthfulness and lawfulness of the contents of the web links accessible from the current website.

G.- Finally, the User is solely responsible of the use that he/her may make of the services, contents, links and hypertexts included in the current website.


  1. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The relationship between the website and the User will be governed by the current Spanish norms and if any controversy should arise it will be settled in the Courts of Vizcaya.